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The software for contractors and professional arable farms.

Real-time data acquisition in the field, digital receipt management, disposition, fleet management, field management and evaluation - these are the components of AGRARMONITOR. The farm management software from the industry, for the industry has been a strong partner for farms and contractors for more than 12 years. The focus is on personal service and continuous further development of the software so that the individual needs of customers can be met.

Always stay up to date with synchronous data exchange

Agrarmonitor enables synchronous data exchange between the driver and the office. This means that all relevant information can be recorded and exchanged in real time.

Navigation directly to the field

In the map, the drivers can be navigated directly to the blow. In addition, they are informed about the processing progress of their colleagues.

About location tracking Have all machines in view

The location of the machine always in view - with mobile order entry, the location histories of the machines are also automatically recorded.

Digital capture for efficient management

With just a few clicks, all relevant information can be recorded digitally and in real time. Weighings and article consumption can be documented for each specific batch.

Cost control via an interface to accounting

Cost control instead of cost chaos. The invoice is created with just one click. An interface to the accounting department is available and the office work is as good as done.

Planning daily schedules with scheduling

In addition to vacation planning, the availability of temporary workers during the harvest season can also be documented. With the scheduling function, various daily schedules can be planned and spontaneously adapted to the current day's conditions.

Fleet planning with real-time data

With Agrarmonitor, you always have the current processing progress and the entire fleet in view. The real-time map provides an overview of the current processing progress and thus also simplifies the planning of the coming days.

Arable land indexes Import from the application program

The area data can be imported from the application programs. This means that the field boundaries are visible on the move and the employee can easily navigate to the fields. Expense and yield quantities are automatically assigned to the fields. As a result, costs can be allocated to the exact hectare and items and services can be invoiced on a field-specific basis.




per year + 29€ monthly per active mobile device

Price depends on the number of active devices

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Phone support

Every customer of AGRARMONITOR has two personal contact persons.

Mail support

Contact with the personal account manager can be made both by telephone and by mail.

On-site support

Visiting customers on site is a special concern for us, so we can get to know the business and assess individual needs.

Remote maintenance

Via remote maintenance, we can look at a screen with our customers at any time and answer open questions together.


On our YouTube channel ( we explain various functions of AGRARMONITOR and show in short demo videos the use of the software in practice.


Browser application

AGRARMONITOR is web-based. This means that the software is always up to date and can be used at any time and anywhere.


Whether office view or mobile capture. AGRARMONITOR works always and everywhere, no matter on which device.


Whether office view or mobile capture. AGRARMONITOR works always and everywhere, no matter on which device.

Place of data storage


Scope of functions

Field Registry

With AGRARMONITOR, the area data can be transferred from the application programs, the field data is visible on the move and can be used, for example, for navigation. Efforts and yields are documented on a field-specific basis. This not only facilitates invoicing, but also cost allocation and is also the basis for determining fertilizer requirements. This can also be created with AGRARMONITOR.

Crop protection solutions

Application quantities can be documented on a field-specific basis. The relevant data for all valid crop protection products are available in AGRARMONITOR and are shown accordingly.

Pesticide Approval List


Seeding rates can be documented on a field-specific basis.

Work planning

The scheduling function in AGRARMONITOR allows you to plan the deployment of employees. Both vacation and sick days are taken into account. Each plan can be adapted to the current daily conditions.

Operating resources

AGRARMONITOR has an inventory control system. This means that both the inputs of operating resources and the outputs are documented. The purchase of e.g. diesel increases the stock in AGRARMONITOR and the documented refuelings of the machines reduce the stock accordingly.


Real-time documentation of actions taken enables appropriate evaluation of data for CC compliance.

Cultivation plan

In AGRARMONITOR, the fruits can be assigned to the corresponding field pieces and a crop rotation can thus be seen.


The documentation of the measures takes place digitally and in real time. Accordingly, the relevant data are immediately visible in the office.


Employees can enter notes for each order. These can also be categorized and supplemented with photos.




Interfaces to truck scales and tank installations

Area management

Field construction

The area data can be imported from the application programs. This means that the field boundaries are visible on the move and the employee can easily navigate to the fields.

Subarea management

Fertilization function

Fertilizer quantities can be documented in real time.

Soil samples

The soil samples can be deposited in AGRARMONITOR.

Fertilizer function

Fertilization planning

The field data are already available in AGRARMONITOR and the measures are documented on a field-specific basis with the help of the orders. This means that the fertilizer requirement calculation can be created with just a few clicks.

Nutrient balance

Material flow balance


Contractor Management

Whether documentation, disposition or digital document management - AGRARMONITOR simplifies everyday life in the field and in the office. All data is recorded in real time and can be evaluated directly in the office and processed into an invoice. Even the planning of harvest chains is no longer a problem with the farm software.

User management

Employee Management

Each employee gets their own access. A distinction is made between the office and the mobile view. Access rights can be limited per employee in the mobile area and per access role in the office.

Access management

The managing director or, for example, the office management is responsible for managing access. They can assign access rights as well as limit them individually.

Manage Multiple Farms

The company is made up of an agricultural business and a contracting company? This is no problem for AGRARMONITOR. Both operations can be mapped in one system.


Sprinkler control

For controlling the irrigation AGRARMONITOR Connect provides an interface e.g. to Raindancer.


Warehouse management functions

Incoming documents can also be stored digitally in AGRARMONITOR. This increases the stocks in the warehouse. Every action in the field, every withdrawal in the workshop and also every refueling are documented in the mobile data collection and generate a stock change.

Fleet Management

Machine orders

The scheduling function is used to plan the deployment of machines and employees. In addition, a maintenance plan can also be stored.

Documentation of machine times

Through the digitally recorded orders, e.g. the operating hours meter readings are recorded. However, it is also possible to read them out automatically.

Machine communication

It is possible to install CAN bus readers and GPS trackers on the machines.

Digital office

Voucher upload

Cost accounting

With just one click, an invoice can be created from the orders and sent directly by mail. An interface to the accounting department is available and the office work is as good as done.
Not only the post-calculation but also the pre-calculation is important. AGRARMONITOR users can calculate the costs of machines, employees as well as services and view the daily turnover.

Invoices & Credit Notes

All receipts can be created and sent digitally in AGRARMONITOR. These can then be transferred to the accounting department via an interface. Open item lists and also the dunning process are integrated into the software.


Interfaces to financial software

Because after invoicing, the work in the office is not yet over. The data must be transferred to the tax consultant, who then posts the invoices accordingly. However, this can also be done more easily with AGRARMONITOR's DATEV export. These exported files contain the accounting records that the tax office would otherwise generate for each invoice. When using DATEV Unternehmen Online, the document image is also included. In addition to the widely used classic DATEV format, the modern DATEV Unternehmen Online format, AGRARMONITOR supports a variety of other accounting programs. For our Swiss customers, for example, Pebe Faktura, Sage, Shakehands and Agro Office can be mentioned.


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