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Agreto PFM II

DerInstallation moisture meterAgreto PFM II is aMoisture meterfor installation in balers to measure moisture during the baling process. The sensor mounted on the baler measuresduring the pressing process in real time the moisture content of the material, so that the driver cancan react immediately.

Advantages of a moisture meter in the baler

  • The operator gets the information about the moisture of the pressed material directly during pressing
  • Ensures feed quality and prevents damage from rot or fungal attack
  • Increases storage safety and prevents fires
  • Optimizes the utilization of the baler
  • Saves time and costs from unusable bales

Areas of application of the baler moisture meter

Round baler

In a round baler, the sensor is mounted at a suitable position on the side wall of the bale chamber. Ideally, the position should be in the lower third of the bale size.

Square balers

On a cuboid baler, whether it is a large or small cuboid baler, the sensor is positioned at a suitable point on the side wall at the end of the bale guide.


For farmers with self-mechanization, the built-in moisture sensor guarantees the production of bales with low moisture content and the best quality.


Contractors want to make optimum use of their machines. Continuous information about the moisture content of the material allows the driver to make the best use of the possible time windows for harvesting while ensuring quality.


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Temperature measurement

Humidity measurement

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