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Regional nature conservation measures in agriculture

Artenglück offers companies the opportunity to implement nature conservation measures in their region and promote these instead of, for example, rainforest projects. Its agricultural projects include flowering meadows, field bird windows in cereal fields and forest reforestation. Artenglück works with the farmers on the nature conservation projects and also actively supports the companies in their communication and sustainability reporting.

Attractive remuneration for marginal locations

Farmers throughout the DACH region are being sought for the nature conservation projects. Through cultivation contracts, the farmers sow and maintain the flowering meadows on their land or leave gaps for the field birds when sowing cereal fields.

Fallow land and marginal sites that are not suitable for food production are suitable for flowering meadows. This means that biodiversity and food production are not in competition with each other, but actually benefit from increased pollinator performance.

Artenglück pays its partner farmers an attractive remuneration, depending on the region, for providing the land and for the work involved in sowing and maintaining it. The projects are usually multi-year projects that remain in one place for a maximum of 5 years so as not to jeopardize the arable status. The flowering meadows can be sown in spring and late summer.

Transparent public relations work for the region

As a farmer, it is particularly important to co-founder Felix Schulze-Varnholt to be significantly less bureaucratic and uncomplicated than EU funding programs and yet more attractive in terms of remuneration. In this way, they promote their partner farmers' own commitment as well as transparent public relations work for agriculture in the respective region. For this reason, preference is also given to publicly visible areas so that the projects can be clearly explained and presented to the public.



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