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FarmAct is the most flexible and modern software for contractors.

FarmAct offers all important functions in just one app: scheduling, order management, mobile data entry, accounting, analysis and many more. With the FarmAct app, you can digitally organize and manage your entire contracting business. The most flexible farm software covers all the functions you need.

With FarmAct you get a software that was developed by professionals from the industry. Therefore, you can control and organize all necessary operational processes in the software. Especially important: The app runs on all devices, simultaneously if necessary, and is very easy to use. Different users such as dispatchers, drivers or owners only see the functions that are relevant for their work.




per year basic fee + 30€/month or 3€/day for active employees

Price depends on active employees

Free trial version

Modular expandable

Different versions


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Phone support

personal contact

Mail support

personal contact

On-site support

On-site setup possible

Remote maintenance


YouTube Channel


Browser application

Browser based web application which works on all devices.


The FarmAct app is available in the Play store and can be downloaded for free.


The FarmAct app is available in the app store and can be downloaded for free.

Place of data storage


Scope of functions

Field Registry

Field import, live employee map and area management.

Crop protection solutions


Work planning

Easy creation and assignment of orders to employees. Live map of vehicles, disposition of orders.

Operating resources


Cultivation plan



Area management

Field construction

Subarea management

Fertilization function

Soil samples

Fertilizer function

Fertilization planning


Contractor Management

FarmAct was developed specifically for contractors, large arable farms and transport companies.

User management

Employee Management

Employees can be invited to the operation and then use the software on any number of devices simultaneously and without additional costs. Different access rights can be variably assigned to each employee.

Access management

Customers such as farmers can get access to make their fields available to the contractor.

Manage Multiple Farms

Any number of operations can be managed and mapped with just one software.


Warehouse management functions

Post and keep track of receipts & issues of items and storage bins.

Fleet Management

Machine orders

Real-time GPS tracking, capture machine data, capture billing files with just a few clicks, easy job scheduling

Documentation of machine times

documented by order entry. Operating hours counter, hectare counter, drum hours counter, kilometer counter, carriage counter

Digital office

Cost accounting

Real-time analyses on individual orders, invoices and at the overall company level. Pre-calculation, machine costs, employee costs, sales overview.

Invoices & Credit Notes

With FarmAct, invoices and collective invoices can be created with just a few clicks. The entire accounting can be done with only one system. Offers, orders, delivery bills, invoices, reminders, credit bills

Interfaces to financial software



FarmAct Logo

FarmAct GmbH


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We constantly add new features.

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