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The FarmBlick community is an intuitive toolbox for smart farming.

The main focus is on the simplicity of operation and clarity. The user is able to create application maps or tracks for steering systems with very few "clicks" and to read in and process data from e.g. harvesters or sensors. Due to the simple possibility to network data, farms or contractors can exchange data digitally.

FarmBlick is one of the few independent providers of smart farming solutions and guarantees its customers absolute data security, as customer data is neither analyzed anonymously nor statistically.


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Phone support

Mail support

On-site support

Remote maintenance


Video tutorials on the FarmBlick YouTube channel and on the FarmBlick homepage.


Browser application

Place of data storage

Server in Frankfurt am Main

Scope of functions

Field Registry

Via connection with the ProFlura farmland index

Cultivation plan

Fruit types can be entered and managed for several years and output for documentation purposes.


All actions such as application cards can be saved and annotated.



John Deere Operations Center

Subarea management

Application maps

Biomass maps

over several years (zoning) or in real time (monitoring)

Soil samples

Georeferenced soil samples can be read in as SHAPE files, managed and processed into application maps.

Fertilizer function

Fertilization planning

In combination with the ProFlura impact file.

List of fertilizers available on the market

In combination with the ProFlura impact file.

Nutrient balance

In combination with the ProFlura impact file.

Material flow balance

In combination with the ProFlura impact file.

Application maps functions

Application maps for fertilizers

Application cards can be created with a few clicks (in under 30sec.)

Application maps for plant protection

Drone data for spot spraying applications can be read in and processed into application maps.

Recommendation algorithm

For corn in 2023

Input format


Output format

ISOXML V3, ISOXML V4, Shape, KML, JD-OperationsCenter, CLAAS-Telematics


All arable crops, others on request


Contractor Management

The platform is designed for use by contractors.

User management

Access management

Login via website. Only one user per license

Manage Multiple Farms

Unlimited businesses can be integrated into the platform


Weather data

Subarea-specific display of precipitation and daily average temperature.


Farmblick Logo

Farmblick Community


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We constantly add new features.

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