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Get to know the new way of data management with FARMInfo.

FARMInfo is a new way of managing data, where all crop-related areas of the farm can be linked together along with the existing data master (such as nutrient, yield and multispectral data). FARMInfo is modular and can therefore provide the decision support that is really needed. Whether it is the evaluation and interpretation of weather or yield data, application maps or other operational information: FARMInfo provides the answer - quickly and conveniently!


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Scope of functions

Field Registry

Chargeable module: Field boundary converter
Price: one time 99,-€
Field boundary converter
Simply bring field boundaries into the correct format!
With our field boundary converter, you can easily and quickly create field boundary
convert to the desired format and export - online!
It ́s as simple as that:
1. you receive your access data for the online portal
2. data upload of your surfaces
3. brief control of the field boundaries in the portal
4. export field boundaries as shape, shape for Trimble, file format for ISOXML or AgGPS.


Maize sowing module
Optimized site-specific seeding rates
Corn seeding planning aims to address the different yield potentials of your fields. By adjusting the seeding strength, you can fully exploit the potential and optimize the yield. The seeding strength is determined on the basis of a management zone map, which is based on remote sensing evaluations such as satellite photos. Other decisive influencing factors are the water supply at the site and seed properties.
You have the choice between:
The management zone map created serves as a template for you to plan your own application rates. For this purpose, you will receive access to the online portal for the "free application planning" module, where you enter the desired quantities yourself and receive an application map in the appropriate format for your machine.
Based on the created management zone map, we plan the sowing taking into account the water holding capacity of the soil (PWC), the field number and the desired corn variety. After consultation, you will then receive the finished application map in the desired format (ISOXML, Shape, etc.) suitable for your machine.
Your advantages
- Max. Performance with optimally adapted crop density (plants/m²)
- To exploit the yield potential of each subplot
- Incorporation of site factors such as soil conditions, climate, seed characteristics for site-specific seeding.
- Optimal distribution of the corn seed regardless of the location
- Efficiency of the production factors labor, land
- Targeted increase in water, fertilization and seed
- Lower storage risk

Work planning

Operating resources

Cultivation plan





Area management

Field construction

Lease management

Subarea management

Fertilization function

Application maps

Biomass maps

ab 4€/ha

Soil samples

Fertilizer function

Fertilization planning

List of fertilizers available on the market

Application maps functions

Application maps for fertilizers

Module with costs
Price staggered, from 6€ per ha
FARMInfo - Management Zone Maps
Make location information usable!
Soil fertility can vary significantly within a field. This affects plant growth and consequently yield. With the aid of remote sensing data, we are able to depict these differences in "management zone maps".
Areas with similar potential yield are grouped together as management zones. From the multitude of possible natural and arable site factors, one or more pieces of information can be used to create an application map. Using application maps, the use of seeds, fertilizers and pesticides can be optimized on a site-specific basis.
Depending on the technical conditions and the differentiation of the area, the number of zones can be adjusted.
Depending on the intended use, the application rate of the respective operating material is stored in an application card and made available for the respective application technology in a machine-readable form.
In this way, operating resources can be optimally adapted to the respective yield potential and applied to a field on a site-specific basis.
Your advantages
  • Can be combined with existing operating data
  • Ideal planning basis for e.g. fertilization, sowing and plant protection
  • Basis for site-specific application maps
  • Optimized use of plant sensors

Application maps for plant protection

Seed application maps

Recommendation algorithm

Input format

shape, iso-xml, kml

Output format

shape, iso-xml, kml

Cloud independent satellite maps

User management

Employee Management

Possible with exatrek module, chargeable

Access management

Manage Multiple Farms


Weather data

free of charge

Weather station support

free of charge

Fleet Management

Machine orders

Can be added for a fee

Documentation of machine times

Additional chargeable, various products bookable

Machine communication

see lane planning module

ISOBUS communication


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