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Prediction optimal irrigation time

Historical weather data

Notifications in case of value overrun

Real time weather data from the region

Disease forecasting

Connection to farm management systems

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A complete solution for environmental monitoring, disease models, soil moisture and more.

iMETOS 3.3 is a durable and flexible data logger for all climatic conditions, powered by a rechargeable battery and a solar panel.The data logger has a built-in UMTS/CDMA modem for direct communication with the FieldClimate platform and can manage up to 600 sensors via the intelligent sensor bus system. The system is extremely reliable due to its non-volatile internal memory and can store up to 8 MB of logged data (approximately 1 month). The iMETOS can also alert you by SMS message in case of frost, heavy rain, heat, etc. (user defined via internet). The measured data is regularly transferred to the FieldClimate platform, to which you have real-time access anywhere and anytime. In addition to accessing historical data and daily evapotranspiration values, you can also use decision support solutions such as localized weather forecasts, disease models and irrigation management.

The iMETOS 3.3 series is available in three main sensor variants.

iMETOS IMT200: Air temperature and humidity sensor, rain gauge, leaf wetness sensor, and disease model sensors

iMETOS IMT280-USW: Rain gauge and all sensors for evapotranspiration calculation: air temperature and relative humidity, global radiation and ultrasonic wind.

iMETOS IMT300-USW: Sensors for evapotranspiration and disease model calculation: air temperature and relative humidity, rain gauge, global radiation, ultrasonic wind and leaf wetness.


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Phone support

Mail support

Remote maintenance



Browser application



Place of data storage


Agronomic assistance

Recommendation on sowing time

Recommendation on fertilization measures

Forecast harvest time

Climate assessment

Growth Degree Days

Refrigeration units

Refrigerated portions

Accumulated cold hours

Temperature sum

Wet bulb temperature


Dew point

Frost forecast

Frost forecast

Basis of the prediction

MeteoBlue and long-term data of the last 25 years

Irrigation management

Irrigation management

Learn more information about when to start and when to stop watering, thus protecting the most important resource - WATER! Water your plants only when water is actually needed to avoid fertilizer leaching and save energy - protect the quality of your crop and your yield.
  • Water savings - better timing and potential reduction in water use.
  • Higher yields - safeguarding and maximizing genetic potential
  • Better quality - optimizing quality by improving plant health
  • Fertilizer savings - reducing runoff or deep leaching of nutrients and optimizing fertilizer use.
  • Plant health - manage water against phytopathological adversity, stimulate root development, and provide frost protection
  • Safety - Real-time alerting on a range of parameters, including refills and saturated soil moisture, pump activation or malfunction, and traceability of all events.
  • Save time - streamline business operations
  • Reduced environmental impact - less water waste and groundwater pollution
On the FieldClimate platform, you can configure a number of WATER MANAGEMENT SETTINGS:
The calculation of a user-defined root zone average soil moisture curve (the upper limit known as the full point or field capacity and the lower limit or refill point).
Different sensor levels can be presented in graphs in a variety of display formats, including standard, stacked, or average.
Budget lines for full and refill points are color coded so users can clearly see the range of soil moisture for optimal management - red (deficit), green (comfort zone) and blue (excessive soil moisture).
Other parameters and tools for a comprehensive MANAGEMENT OF WATER AND SOIL HUMIDITY:
  • Weather measurements and forecasts, such as precipitation amounts and their timing.
  • Saturation deficit.
  • Growing degree days (phenological phases).
  • Current and projected evapotranspiration ET0.

Available irrigation indicators

Amount and probability of precipitation, temperature, wind speed/direction, leaf wetness, relative humidity, and evapotranspiration.

Prediction optimal irrigation time

The iMETOS® system has a wide range of premium soil moisture sensors that can be used at different soil depths. The sensors inform you about the daily water consumption of the plants in the different soil layers as well as the ET (evapotranspiration) data. The optimal time to irrigate is then determined on our FieldClimate software solution. The decision support system helps to avoid both damage from drought stress and excessive irrigation.

Sub-area specific irrigation

Disease Models

Disease forecasting

The climate is changing and farmers are spraying less for economic and legislative reasons. Some diseases are very difficult to control and timing of fungicide application is critical to keep diseases under control. We help growers around the world comply with the law and have a healthy crop.

Available diseases

85 diseases for 40 crops
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General data acquisition

Air temperature


Air pressure


Wind speed

Only in the product variants iMETOS IMT280 USW and iMETOS IMT300-USW.

Wind direction

Wind gusts

Soil temperature

Soil moisture

Irradiation values

Only in the product variants iMETOS IMT280 USW and iMETOS IMT300-USW.

Leaf moisture

Only in the product variants iMETOS IMT200 and iMETOS IMT300-USW.

Dew point temperature

Stock moisture

Software functions

Weather forecast

  • The most accurate local weather forecast for your fields
  • Current and historical weather is important for understanding what might negatively impact our crops, while future weather data and forecasts are particularly important for fieldwork planning and future courses of action. These two aspects are combined by iMETEO.
  • Historical weather data

    Real time weather data from the region

    Notifications in case of value overrun

    The iMETOS can also alert you in case of frost, heavy rain, heat, etc. via SMS message (user defined via internet).

    Integration of external stations possible

    Employee Access

    Connection to farm management systems

    John Deere Operations Center


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