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ISARIA CONNECT - Intelligent data management, blow by blow

ISARIA CONNECT offers access to satellite maps, temperature and precipitation data as well as the option of creating field-specific application maps. The basic functions are available free of charge and can be used as a means of crop management. All fields can be created in the application to simplify documentation. ISARIA CONNECT can be used independently of the ISARIA plant sensors.

Sub-area-specific management based on digital data

Satellite maps and sensor data provide information on the biomass growth and nitrogen saturation of the plants for the field areas created in ISARIA CONNECT. The maps are graphically divided into areas of varying strength or weakness. Based on this data, yield potentials can be determined and the application strategy can be planned on a site-specific basis for each field. These application maps can be exported in the manufacturer-independent ISOXML and SHAPE formats in order to transfer them to the tractor terminal.


- Access to satellite images, monitoring of temperature and precipitation trends - Simple calculation of application maps based on satellite maps or sensor data - Uncomplicated transfer of the job file to the tractor terminal - Can be used independently of the use of a plant sensor




Basic functions free of charge - Price depends on hectares when exporting application maps

Basic functions free of charge


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Browser application



Desktop application


Phone support

Mail support

On-site support

Remote maintenance


Plant protection functions

Application maps for fungicides

on the basis of zone maps or sensor scans

Growth regulator maps

on the basis of zone maps or sensor scans

Application maps for herbicides

Application maps for insecticides

Recommendation application time

Recommendation plant protection products

Recommendation application quantity

Harvest functions

Maturity monitoring

Recommendation on harvest time

Other subarea-specific functions

Own accounting of different data bases

Equation based analysis

Consideration of distance requirements

Exclusions can be added manually.

Crop rotation planning

Soil Sampling Design

Lane planning

Economic zone evaluation

Weather history

Current weather data

Weather forecast

Field observation functions

Live biomass maps

when using a plant sensor

Field comparison

Data layer comparison

Georeferenced notes in the field

Sharing of information possible

PDF download possible

Watering functions

Irrigation maps

Recommendation watering time

Recommendation irrigation quantities

Seeding functions

Sowing maps

Recommendations sowing time

Recommendation sowing rates

Recommendation cultivar

Fertilizer functions

Fertilizer cards - basic fertilization

on the basis of zone maps or sensor scans

Fertilization maps - N fertilization

Recommendation fertilization time

Recommendation fertilizer quantities

Recommendation fertilizer


As-Applied Daten

Application quantity recommended and passed on by the sensor system

Yield data

Yield potential maps can be processed in the application modes.

Satellite images

Ground sensors

Soil analyses

Topographic data

Weather stations

accesses an international network of weather stations/weather data

Type of data imports

Independent upload via USB stick or wireless data transfer

Type of data exports

only on demand



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