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ISARIA PRO Compact plant sensor

The ISARIA PRO Compact passive plant sensor was specially developed for use in daylight and is also worthwhile for farms with less than 100 hectares of cultivated land. The small and compact sensor consists of two sensor elements, which are mounted on the wing mirrors, and a reference sensor, which is attached to the tractor roof with a magnetic plate. The ISARIA PRO Compact is AEF-ISOBUS certified, is controlled via the tractor's ISOBUS terminal and is ready for use within a few minutes.

The plant sensor measures two different parameters:

- N-supply index of the plants (provides information on the nitrogen supply status of the plants) - Biomass index (provides information on biomass growth and stand density)

Areas of application:

Fertilization (organic and mineral), plant protection, growth regulators, grassland reseeding, other areas of application


Cereals, rapeseed, potatoes, grassland, vegetables, maize and much more.

This is how the ISARIA PRO Compact plant sensor works:

- Sensors measure the light reflected by the plants - Reference sensor on the roof measures the current light conditions (can be used regardless of cloud cover) - Data is put into relation and N supply index or biomass growth is calculated - Based on this data, the optimum application quantity is calculated and transmitted directly to the application device - while driving without any loss of time

What data do I receive from the plant sensor

The N-supply index provides information about the nitrogen saturation of the plants. The application agent is applied according to need, so the plants only get what they really need and can process. The biomass index provides information about the density of the plant population and the soil cover. This information can be used to calculate appropriate application quantities, e.g. for growth regulator application or early fertilization measures. Furthermore, it can be determined whether the plant population has been damaged by drought or other environmental influences.

All data can be transferred to the PC via USB stick or directly online. In the free ISARIA CONNECT data management application, the measurement results are saved for each individual field and displayed graphically. Evaluation and documentation are carried out here, which can be used for decisions in crop management or to create application maps.




per pair

2 sensors included


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John Deere Operations Center



Browser application



Desktop application

Place of data storage

ISOBUS-Terminal, Cloud (GDPR) compliant


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Supported cultures

Cereals, potatoes, grassland, rapeseed, maize, vegetables, etc.

Output formats

Shape, ISOXML, Google KML


Shape, ISOXML, Google KML


Exterior mirrors, roof

Can be used at night


Small and compact: can record data from the crop during each pass, which can then be used as a decision-making aid.


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