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Precision farming platform with numerous functions for site-specific management based on satellite data and other sources.

Application cards for seeding, fertilization and crop protection including biomass monitoring. Full compatibility with very good support and no hidden costs. 365 days subscription and MyDataPlant app for older machines. Pay once a year and create and download as many maps as you want.You can register via the MyDataPlant portal, draw or upload your fields to be farmed and create individual application maps for sowing, fertilization and crop protection with just a few clicks. By combining your farming experience with satellite data, you get application maps that are perfectly tailored to your fields. The Precision Farming Tool provides more precise field management and helps farmers make agronomic decisions. Costs can be reduced by up to 15% and yields increased by up to 7%. The created application maps can be easily transferred to any standard terminal via USB stick, the DKE-agrirouter or by means of telemetry modules. In this way, the fields and the stocks are managed in a demand-oriented and sustainable way. The resolution of 5 * 5 m guarantees highest accuracy. The portal works worldwide and is available in different languages.

Connect machines with fields to manage more precisely.

The MyDataPlant app offers the possibility to manage fields with machines that do not have the automated equipment precisely and according to the needs. It can be installed on the smartphone or tablet and shows in which zone the tractor is and what speed is required in this and the next zone.

In the app, hint points can be set on the field to mark water holes or frost damage, for example.

Furthermore, the app can be used for navigating towards the field, navigating in the field and taking soil samples. In addition, hint points can be set in the field to mark e.g. water holes, frost damage, disease incidence, etc.

Keep everything in view with modules on biomass, sowing, fertilization and crop protection.

With the biomass maps available every five days, you can permanently monitor your crops and future harvests from home using state-of-the-art satellite technology. The individual modules (biomass, sowing, fertilization and crop protection) can be compiled individually for each field and have a subscription period of 365 days. Within this period, any number of application maps can be created with the individual subscriptions. A 24-hour service hotline offers you additional permanent support for technical and agronomic questions. As a completely independent provider, Kleffmann Digital RS offers you with MyDataPlant a comprehensive and fully transparent platform for the individual and strategic management of agricultural land.

Zone maps can be created from data on biomass, yield maps, etc.

In addition to the modules for biomass, seeding, fertilization and crop protection, MyDataPlant also offers the Multilayer, which allows the creation of zone maps from various data sources such as biomass and imported data (yield maps, soil sampling, etc.). Also new in the program is a module for soil sampling planning. Here, sampling maps can be created for site-specific soil sampling. The zones can be drawn in either manually or fully automatically by a specially developed algorithm.




for Hectar

6€/ha for first package (seeding, fertilization or crop protection), 2€/ha for each additional package, 2€/ha for Multiplayer Tool.

Free trial version

Modular expandable


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John Deere Operations Center


Exatrec telemetry modules can be used for back data acquisition


Phone support

24h Support-Hotline.

Mail support

On-site support

To prevent problems from occurring in the first place, we offer our machine check. In preparation for the season, we are happy to check together whether everything is working. This is especially recommended for beginners, new machines or software updates.

Remote maintenance


Various videos on MydataPlant's YouTube channel.


Browser application



App allows manual processing of prescription maps without modern machine terminal.

Place of data storage

DSGVO compliant on own servers in Germany

Seeding functions

Sowing maps

Other subarea-specific functions

Own accounting of different data bases

With the multilayer, different data layers can be combined with each other.

Consideration of distance requirements

Application maps can always be edited to set the application rate to 0 in certain zones to comply with existing distance requirements.

Soil Sampling Design

Weather history

Current weather data

Weather forecast


As-Applied Daten

Via Exatrec telemetry module. Only with multilayer tool.

Yield data

Via Exatrec telemetry module. Only with multilayer tool.

Satellite images

Sentinel 1, Sentinel 2 and Planet satellites

Ground sensors

EM38 (conductivity)

Soil analyses

Imperial soil estimation, Nmin soil survey, basic soil survey.

Type of data imports


Type of data exports

ISO-XML, Shape, PDF, all manufacturer's own

Plant protection functions

Application maps for fungicides

With ear treatment fungicide maps, you adjust the application rate to the respective biomass of each zone to wet dense stands more. They usually correlate with higher infestation pressure of fungal pathogens due to microclimatic conditions. Accordingly, it is important to differentiate the application rates within a field and to adapt them to the different infestation probabilities. Overruns with a growth regulator in combination with a fungicide are also possible and useful.

Growth regulator maps

With the plant protection cards for growth regulators you spare the weaker stands and promote the strong zones. In this way, no unnecessary stress is exerted on the weaker plants, while the more vigorous stands are optimally cut back. The result: more homogeneous stands with higher yields. Especially in times of increasing extreme weather conditions, MyDataPlant supports you in optimally adjusting the length growth of your plants according to their individual growth. In this way, you avoid unnecessary yield losses and reduce storage pressure.

Field observation functions

Live biomass maps

Field comparison

Biomass comparison via split screen possible.

Data layer comparison

Only with multilayer tool.

Georeferenced notes in the field

Want to take a closer look at some spots on site? Leave notes and photos in the app to take your observations into account for the creation of application maps.

Sharing of information possible

Via integrated client function or direct e-mail dispatch.

Fertilizer functions

Fertilizer cards - basic fertilization

You determine the fertilization strategy yourself: Maximize yields or achieve more homogeneous stands or focus on high or low yield zones.

Fertilization maps - N fertilization

Can be created with normal fertilizer module.


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