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An agricultural weather station, with real-time information on weather conditions on all cultivated areas.

With the help of the Sencrop app, you collect and analyze data from your own stations as well as from the surrounding stations. In this way, you manage your cultivated areas in a targeted way. You protect your crops through early detection of risks and diseases, organize priorities for necessary interventions and choose the right time window for treatment with crop protection products.

The Raincrop provides precise data.

The Raincrop is specifically designed to give you access to accurate measurements of cumulative rainfall, temperature, humidity, wet bulb temperature and dew point from your croplands. It can be used alone or combined with other stations on additional croplands to obtain wind data as well, for example.

Advantages of the Sencrop app:

Real time agricultural weather
  • View measured data from weather stations live.
  • Weather forecasts
  • Weather hazards can be detected up to 7 days in advance.
  • Alarm when value exceeded
  • Receive alarm according to individual limits or based on the presets of SMS, e-mail or by phone.
  • Weather history and data export
  • Access all important information anytime and anywhere.
  • Rain radar
  • Track rain clouds and precipitation intensity.
  • Local weather
  • Are enriched with information from nearby weather stations.
  • Available licenses

    The weather stations can be used in conjunction with a smartphone app via various licenses. Each of the licenses provides access to several functions of the app. A selection of main criteria is shown below. Further differentiation points of the licenses can be found on the provider's page. If desired, the app can also be used without a weather station. However, it should be noted that measurement results directly from the loft can provide a more accurate insight into the condition of one's stands.


  • Access to 2 stations
  • Weather forecasts
  • Local weather forecasts
  • Pro

  • Access to 5 stations
  • Growth stages
  • Disease prediction models
  • More

  • Access to 10 stations
  • Disease risk
  • Pest risk
  • Irrigation

  • Access to 10 stations
  • Evotranspiration
  • Water balance
  • Pricing



    plus software license

    Several versions available

    14 days time to try

    2 years warranty

    Tripod included


    This information has been reviewed and verified by the manufacturer. All data without guarantee.


    Phone support

    from 9 o'clock

    Mail support

    Remote maintenance



    Browser application


    Agronomic assistance

    Recommendation on sowing time

  • from Pro license: growth stages from Institut Semences de France
  • Based on the growth stages of the crops, you can follow their evolution according to the accumulated growing degree days. Sencrop integrates this model, developed by Semences de France, to provide you with a customized display to help you make decisions regarding the application of crop protection products or harvesting.
    • Prerequisite: PRO & PLUS license
    • Required measurements: Daily low and daily high temperature
    • Crops: silage corn, grain corn and sunflowers

    Recommendation on fertilization measures

    Forecast harvest time

    Climate assessment

    Wet bulb temperature

    Dew point

    Frost forecast

    Frost forecast

    Frost risk: the Sencrop frost risk prediction function
    With the frost forecast you can predict the probability of frost for the coming days. Sencrop compares the minimum temperatures predicted by the different weather forecast models, so you can make your frost control as serene as possible.
    • Accessible with the PLUS license
    • Comparison of predicted minimum temperatures
    • Anticipate up to 4 days
    • Telephone alarm
    • SMS
    • E-mail


    Basis of the prediction


    Irrigation management

    Irrigation History

    from sprinkler license

    Disease Models

    Disease forecasting

    ISIP is an interactive online advisory portal for crop production and crop protection, which provide various disease models.
    The ZEPP research institute develops and maintains these models.
    • Crops: winter wheat, winter barley, winter rye, triticale and spring barley.
    • Required measurements: Temperature, precipitation and humidity
    • Availability of indicators: Plus license

    Recommendation treatment time

    General data acquisition

    Air temperature



    Software functions

    Historical weather data

    Real time weather data from the region

    ab Basic Version

    Notifications in case of value overrun

    e.g. notification via SMS before frost event

    Integration of external stations possible

    Employee Access


    S.A.S Sencrop


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