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Corn borer control

Corn borers are a problem

Infestation by the small butterfly is a problem that occurs nationwide.A b June, the butterfly flies from the previous year's corn fields into the new stands. Here, the female lays up to 500 eggs on the underside of the leaves of the corn plant. The larvae that hatch from these eggs bore through the stem and infest flowers and fruit clusters. The result is kinking plants and increased susceptibility to disease and fungal attack in the stand.

Insert Trichogramma

The basic idea is the mass propagation of beneficial insects. The Trichogramma ichneumon fly is a so-called egg parasitoid and the natural antagonist of the corn borer. It lays its eggs in the egg of the corn borer. This kills the host egg and a new generation of Trichogramma larvae hatches. To achieve several weeks of coverage, the white cellulose balls contain Trichogramma larvae in different stages of development.

Efficient spreading with multicopters

We use innovative multicopters to effectively distribute the Trichogramma ichneumon flies. This enables a high area output. At a speed of about 10 meters per second, the ichneumon wasps are spread over the corn fields. The application is carried out precisely by GPS and state-of-the-art sensor technology. As soon as you submit your fields to us in the online portal, we create the necessary flight plans and transfer them to the flight control of the multicopter on site.

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Creation of application cards

For fertilizers, seeds and crop protection products

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Sowing catch crops

Also application of undersowing + airseeding

Application of ichneumon flies against the corn borer

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