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Automatic dosing of liquid feed

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Frequent feeding

Frequent feeding stimulates feed intake and is therefore beneficial for animal health, fertility and performance. Several meals a day ensure a constant pH level in the rumen and better feed conversion. The animals become more active: they visit the milking robot more often, which leads to a higher milk yield.

Automatic feeding

Automatic feeding means that cows are fed more accurately. You can determine exactly the right composition for feeding your animals, including young animals, dry cows and beef cattle. This has a positive effect on the feed conversion, development and production of your animals.

Always fresh feed at the feed table

More frequent feeding ensures that there is always enough fresh feed at the feeding table. The Lely Vector recognizes when it is time for a new feeding round. The mixing and feeding robot measures the height of the feed each time it passes to determine when and how much needs to be replenished. This way there is never too much or too little feed on the feed table.

Yields in view

Feeding with the Vector allows a better understanding of the efficiency and profitability of your feeding strategy. The Lely Horizon management system allows central management of ration and route parameters. Also, the evaluation of success metrics, such as feed intake and IOFC per cow and group, is done in Lely Horizon. You can measure the impact of ration changes by connecting the system to the Lely Astronaut. This way you can see if the cost of a ration change not only leads to higher performance, but also to higher profitability.


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Functions and technical data

Voltage in V


Energy supply

Battery operated

Legal requirements given

The only system on the market with full BG approval and manufacturer's CE declaration for the entire system. Market launch in Germany in 2012, current version since 2018 (introduction Lely Vector MFR M2).

Transport quantity in kg


Residual feed recording and automatic adjustment of feed quantities

The Lely Vector mixing and feeding robot detects the amount of feed remaining on the feed table via laser sensors and automatically adjusts feed amounts and feeding times according to the group's feed needs. The system requires no user intervention to adjust or schedule feeding orders.

Automatic timing and prioritization of feed jobs

The Lely Vector system independently manages the feed requirements of each feed group without user intervention and independently creates the sequence and prioritization of feeding orders, as well as separate feeding routes.

Separate approach routes

The Lely Vector system independently manages the regular visits to each feed table and inserts separate feed push actions in addition to the feeding rounds if required. At the same time, the feed height sensor records the current data of all feed groups for the calculation of the next feeding action.

Automatic dosing of fine components (mineral feed)

The Lely Vector system can be equipped as standard with up to eight metering systems for ration components such as individual components or finished concentrates. Frequency inverters from 0.75 to 2.20 kW are used to control external conveying systems, such as concentrate silo cams.

Automatic dosing of external silos (concentrate, individual components)

The Lely Vector system can be equipped as standard with up to eight dosing systems for ration components such as mineral feed. A plastic hopper is available for regular, free-flowing material such as mineral feed, and a stainless steel version for poorly flowing or hygroscopic feeds such as salts, urea or lime.

Automatic dosing of liquid feed

The Lely Vector system can be equipped with up to eight potential-free 24V relays as standard. This can be used, for example, to control valves for water or pumps for liquid feed such as molasses or propylene glycol.

Feed storage for several days

The Lely Vector system can store and keep fresh feed for several days in the feed kitchen. As a rule, the capacity of the feed kitchen is designed for at least three days. The storage time of the feed is determined by its specific stability.

Technical residual feed quantity in the mixing unit (carry-over to the following mixtures) in kg

under 5kg

Automatic adjustment of ration quantities to feed requirements

The Lely Vector system calculates the individual feed requirement for each feed group and creates rations in the appropriate quantity. Neither too little nor too much feed is fed. To increase the efficiency of the system, the Lely Vector can independently combine the feed requirements of several feed groups with the same ration and apply it on one route. The system automatically calculates the amount of each component needed for the individual feed order according to the total amount of the mixed ration and creates the exact ration.

Outdoor ride

Approach several stables


Browser application

Management of the system via Lely Horizon. Here, for example, the feeds, rations and feed groups are managed, as well as evaluations generated.


Access to machine functions and machine control via the Lely Control app. Control of feeding settings via Lely Horizon also on mobile devices.

Desktop application

Management of feeding settings via Lely Horizon.

Place of data storage

Locally on the central computer of the feed kitchen and cloud-based in Lely Horizon


Phone support

Mail support

On-site support


Security Systems

CE declaration for the complete system

Stop on contact with person

The mixing and feeding robot is equipped with a circumferential collision protection as standard.

Contactless stopping in case of obstacles

The mixing and feeding robot can optionally be equipped with sensors in the direction of travel, which enable contactless stopping in the event of obstacles.

Restricted areas

The Lely Vectror system is designed to require minimal intervention in the farm structure and existing buildings. Only the feed storage area in the feed kitchen is secured as a restricted access area during operation. All routes of the mixing and feeding robot can still be walked and driven on.


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