Dung removal robot

Manure removal robots simplify the removal of manure from barns and other livestock facilities. They typically operate fully autonomously and use technologies such as computer vision, navigation algorithms and sensor technology to sense the environment and perform manure removal tasks. They are also able to navigate through the barns and capture manure material without disturbing the animals. Some manure removal robots also have special tools for removing manure from corners and other hard-to-reach areas.
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ENRO (plus)

SCHAUER Agrotronic GmbH

Obstacle bypass

Suitability for level ground

Manual emergency control on the robot

Alarm message on smartphone



Lely Discovery Collector

Discovery 120 Collector

Lely Holding B.v.

Programmable spray water control

Suitability for slatted floor

Alarm message on smartphone

Water spray device


On-site support

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