Water management

Water is precious and should be used sparingly and efficiently. Here you will find technologies that support you in this.
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Agvolution Logo

Agvolution Farmalyzer

Agvolution GmbH

Recommendation fertilizer

Fertilizer cards - basic fertilization

Equation based analysis

Live biomass maps

Climate Field View

Bayer AG

Weather history

Weather forecast

Irrigation maps

Yield data

Satellite images

Soil analyses

Farm 21

Farm21 B.V.

Yield data

Satellite images

Weather stations

Ground sensors

As-Applied Daten

Browser application


Pessl Instruments GmbH

Prediction optimal irrigation time

Historical weather data

Notifications in case of value overrun

Real time weather data from the region

Disease forecasting

Connection to farm management systems


betriko GmbH

Contractor Management

Machine communication

Fertilization planning

Manage Multiple Farms

Soil samples

Cost accounting


Dacom farm intelligence B.V.

Machine orders

Cloud independent satellite maps

Manage Multiple Farms

Weather station support

Fertilization function

Application maps


heliopas.ai GmbH

Import of punch lists

Weather station integrable

Subarea functions

Recommendation algorithm


Weather forecast

Thorkas Bewässerungscomputer


Sensor irrigation

Time irrigation

Alarm at limit value

Browser application

Employee management


Climate Solution Agranimo GmbH

Irrigation management

Integration of external stations possible

Frost forecast

Prediction optimal irrigation time

Irrigation History

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